Meet your team

Digital marketing is hard. Assembling the right team is difficult. We bring you the best in the business right when you need them.

Andrew Douglas

Founder & chief communicator

Andrew Douglas is an award-winning magazine editor and marketing agency veteran. He has over 20 years experience leading small and large teams. He has worked with clients ranging from small startups with limited budgets to large multinational accounts.

Peter Gredig


Peter Gredig spent the last 25 years producing award-winning editorial content for magazines and online distribution. He farms in Southwestern Ontario and is a frequent speaker at business events in both Eastern and Western Canada, mostly on the topic of technology in ag.

Eric Whyte


Eric Whyte is a designer and graduate of Carleton University. While studying Industrial Design, he developed a passion for improving peoples’ experiences, environments, and communities through holistic design.

Mike McNeaney

Account manager

Mike McNeaney has a unique combination of puzzle-solving-numbers-lover and creative thinker. He serves Story Digital clients as their main point of contact, using the whole range of marketing tools to hit measurable goals. Mike also manages the Facebook and Google pay-per-click advertising team.

Scott Stanfel

Web designer and developer

Scott has been at Story Digital since the start. He loves to design and develop websites that are beautiful, dynamic, and SEO-friendly.


Non-profit strategy

Dave comes with 11 years of experience leading marketing strategy at Compassion Canada. Under his leadership, year-end donations through Gifts of Compassion grew from 800k to 2.4M in 6 years.


Project Manager

Julie Wiens is a registered nurse with years of experience working in public health, mainly in health promotion and knowledge transfer. Julie loves seeing projects born, executed with excellence, and brought to completion. She finds organization relaxing.


Inspiration officer

Story is a wonderful, 15-year-old border collie. He embodies some of the same characteristics that have made us successful -- he’s energetic, insatiably curious, a great team player, and focused. He’s taught us a lot about working hard and loving well. Call us and we can arrange a time for you to meet this wise old man.

We are a young, hungry, startup.

The founder and key contributors have started and sold businesseses. We’re comfortable working in a “Ready. Fire. Aim” environment. We also have a lot of experience in corporate boardrooms. We know how to manage big budgets and we are comfortable managing year-long campaigns.



We hit the mark. Then we do even better. We are tenacious. We learn, innovate, dig-in and push to produce work that is second to none.


We’re good. And we know that people-first teamwork wins. We treat others the way we want to be treated. Valued people produce valuable work.


We live by the truth that in business, your good name is all you’ve got. We do what we say we’re going to do.


Business can be a force for good. We put our time and money on the line for causes that move our hearts. we donate 10% of our pre-tax revenue to charity.

Where we are

We all work remotely. We’re headquartered in the Ottawa Valley but growing roots around the world. We make regular trips into the GTA, Ottawa, Kingston, and do remote meetings with clients across the country. We bring big-city, downtown experience with the low overhead and get-it-done mentality of the country.