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As the competition for customer attention heats up, your site’s search rankings can spell the difference between success and failure.

Our team of search engine optimization (SEO) specialists ensures your brand’s site content is optimized and searchable so your business can thrive.

Why Story Digital?

  • Tailored strategies. Our team of SEO experts will learn what makes your business unique. We work closely with you to create a customized strategy to rank on Google for priority keywords that match your goals. We’ll boost your local visibility in Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto… or wherever you are on the globe.
  • Proven results. Results matter, and we have the track record to prove it. Our clients see increased site traffic, better conversion rates, and higher customer engagement. We leverage modern SEO platforms and best practices to help your business rank higher.
  • Transparent process. Great communication lives at the heart of our service. We will keep you informed at every stage, so you'll always be in the loop about the progress of your SEO campaign, with regular updates and detailed reports.
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Start right now

The best time to start working on SEO was yesterday. We help you catch up fast.

Step 1 - Free consultation. Book a chat. We’ll give you helpful tips right away… no charge!

Step 2 - Technical audit. We’ll patch holes in your website for some quick wins.

Step 3 - Keyword research and content creation. We start creating content so you move up the search rankings.

Get clarity so you can measure results

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Step 1 - The data

It starts with empathy. We dive deep to understand what makes your mission come to life - from the founders and funders to the frontline. Then we surround you with the right team – people who care about your success and know how to get you across the finish line.

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Step 2 - The website

Your website is your marketing hub. We conduct a user experience audit with an unbiased eye. Does your website make sense for prospects? And then we go deeper. Are you using structured data/schema to make the most of our SERP listings? Are you using SEO best practices?

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Step 3 - The advertising

We’ll help you find new customers who don’t even know you exist yet by evaluating your pay-per-click advertising (Facebook, Google, Instagram, Bing, etc.). We do a conversion tracking audit, look at your bidding strategy, and review best practices on copy and images.

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Step 4 - The plan

We don’t just tell you what’s broken, we show you how to fix it with a detailed plan, broken into phases with the highest priority problems at the top.

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