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Effective marketing can’t lift off from a broken launch pad. We’ll quickly identify low-hanging opportunities, find the places you’re wasting money, and set you up to capitalize on the future.

  • Patch the holes in your website
  • Accurately track your data
  • Choose the right marketing KPIs
  • Nail down a plan for SEO
  • Build a profitable plan for digital ads
  • Start getting more customers

We customize each digital report card based on the needs of the business or mission-driven organization. Every report card is different.

A non profit having a team meeting.
A non profit having a team meeting.

Gain confidence in your marketing

If you’re like a lot of business owners your Facebook ads cost money but don’t produce leads, your competitors outrank you on Google Search, and your website… (sorry)… sucks.

It gets worse. If you’re normal you’re probably shoveling money out the door on marketing but have no idea if it’s working. And you probably don’t have time to make it better. Digital marketing is virtually impossible to figure out on your own. Mistakes are expensive.

Get started with a digital report card:

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  2. Tell us about your biggest challenges
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Working with Story Digital has been a resoundingly positive experience — their professional expertise, good judgement, and dedicated service. Going through the digital report card they provided was highly valuable as we evaluated our current strategies.

Rev. Dr. Roland De Vries

Carolyn Innis

Canadian Centre for Christian Charities

We recently completed a digital audit with Story. We found the results thorough and helpful as we move forward with optimizing our digital assets and footprint. The Story team was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them.

John Westbrook

Bev Foster

MUSIC CARE by Room 217

A small business owner making blueprints for their store.

Get clarity so you can measure results

Step 1 - The data
It starts with empathy. We dive deep to understand what makes your mission come to life - from the founders and funders to the frontline. Then we surround you with the right team – people who care about your success and know how to get you across the finish line.

Step 2 - The website
Your website is your marketing hub. We conduct a user experience audit with an unbiased eye. Does your website make sense for prospects? And then we go deeper. Are you using structured data/schema to make the most of our SERP listings? Are you using SEO best practices?

Step 3 - The advertising
We’ll help you find new customers who don’t even know you exist yet by evaluating your pay-per-click advertising (Facebook, Google, Instagram, Bing, etc.). We do a conversion tracking audit, look at your bidding strategy, and review best practices on copy and images.

Step 4 - The plan
We don’t just tell you what’s broken, we show you how to fix it with a detailed plan, broken into phases with the highest priority problems at the top.

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