Our work

We do work for a range of clients – from large multinationals to small startups. Here are a few examples

A facebook ad sample for Intervarsity Pioneer camp Ontario.
Facebook and google ads

We built and maintained InterVarsity’s camper recruitment campaigns on Facebook and Google in 2021/22. In that time, we set up nine campaigns across the country with unique goals and audiences. The campaigns produced a 173% return on investment. We also wrote, designed, and implemented an email magnet campaign featuring “trusted influencer” content linked to a MailChimp drip campaign which drew in 299 users for less than $5 each. We will be working with them in 2022/23.

A branding sample of Frontenac Trail Tours.
Website and branding

When COVID lockdowns hit in 2020, a local business that relied on European tourists had to move quickly. Within a month of being hired, we had an approved logo, social media channels set up, a web site launched, a news release written, professional photography, and a digital marketing plan ready to go.

A writing sample of FCC.
Content Creation

We were tasked by a major agriculture lender with writing a series of technical articles to help producers navigate a business transition to the next generation. Researching, interviewing, writing, editing and producing rich digital content are key strengths of ours.

PPC ad for arborscience.
Facebook and google ads

We manage sophisticated pay-per-click and remarketing campaigns for a passionate tree service company. We tweak existing campaigns, suggest new initiatives and provide monthly reports to keep the client updated on the progress as we continue to acquire more customers at a profitable rate.

A branding sample of Springwod Cottage Resort.
Website and Branding

When new owners took over Springwood Cottage Resort, one of their first jobs was to change the branding and rebuild the resort’s website . We jumped in and developed a logo, branding, and a new site that was launched soon after the new owners took control of the property. The site was up and running in time for the seasonal rush.

A webstite sample of Whitestone Canada.
Website design

Whitestone helps men and women who have left prison or graduated from addiction recovery homes start a new life. We took the Whitestone branding, sourced images, edited copy, and built a website for this inspiring and important organization in Ottawa.

A website sample of dennislarocque.ca.
Website design

Real estate agent Dennis Larocque sells homes and cottages across a large area of land west of Ottawa and north of Kingston. Within weeks we designed and developed a new website and using a detailed SEO survey, we wrote copy that will help Dennis get noticed by potential buyers and sellers of rural and town properties. We are also providing ongoing SEM and SEO support.


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