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Three ways to up your game on social posts

By Andrew Douglas | 2 min read

Three ways to up your game on social posts and maximize your social media potential.

My friend Kieran Brett worked in a reference to Hadrian’s Wall in some social media copy he wrote for FMC, a client we work on together.

It’s okay. I’ll give you a minute. I had to Google it too.

I think I’ve read this post three times. I love it. He took a post about National Oatmeal Day and elevated it to a tightly written, fun, educational piece. And he worked in a gentle plug for our client’s products at the end – one that didn’t seem out of place. Kieran produces clean copy with a twist. He makes you think and the words he strings together are a pleasure to read.

Filling your social media channel can be daunting. Amidst all the other tasks you do in a day, coming up with witty, touching, interesting copy to cut through the jumble of content that fills your customer’s social channels is hard.

Social media curation and management is unrelenting.




And yet there’s a big payoff when it’s done well. Engagement with a post can lead to traction with a new or existing customer. And a good social post can give customers who are already fans something to share or motivate them to purchase again.

Want to up your game with social content creation?

Here are three things you can do:

  1. Read. If you want to be a better writer, read more. And choose to read books or articles that push your comfort zone both in reading level and in style.
  2. Follow. Find some edgy corporate social media accounts like @discovery or @merriamwebster. You don’t have to copy them if it doesn’t match your audience’s expectations but learning to appreciate and dissect what others are doing will help you improve.
  3. Find your voice. Who’s your audience? What will be the tone of your posts? And how are you measuring engagement so you can tell what’s working?

Oh, and call us. We’d love to help.

Andrew Douglas, founder of Story Digital Marketing.

Andrew Douglas

Andrew is the founder of Story Digital Marketing. He has 30 years of experience in journalism and marketing and is passionate about the written word.