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Leverage marketing content for results

By Elisa Dorman | 2 min read

Here’s how to create a content marketing strategy to take you to the next level.

A social media calendar is not a content strategy.

Just because you have a bunch of posts scheduled for the next month doesn’t mean your social media strategy will be effective in helping you meet new customers. Don’t fill your feed with shot-in-the-dark graphics loitering in cyberspace and think you’ve done your job.

Here’s how to create a content marketing strategy to take you to the next level.

Adopt audience awareness

Dress for the job you want, not the one you have. Too many content marketers get caught making blunt content hoping for any attention they can get. Unfortunately, this kind of haphazard engagement isn’t your end goal – conversions are. Create content for the audience that will convert, not for fish circling the hook. 

Google Analytics, SEO tools, and a host of other apps can help you narrow in on who your current and prospective customers are. At the same time that you fire up the analytics machine, never forget to grab a coffee and stay in touch with people who fit your stereotypical customer profile.

More than anything, find out your audience’s “pain points”. What’s annoying, too time-consuming, too expensive, too inefficient in their world? What’s your solution? This becomes the foundation for your marketing angle. The topics of your upcoming content should relate.

Narrow in on your niche

Where do you outshine the rest? What’s your passion within your passion? That’s your niche.

That’s where you need to put up flags of excellence and expertise, and claim territory.

How? Offer value-added content that helps, inspires, or entertains your audience. Break down something complicated. Show off. Connect vividly with those pain points, offering glimmers of hope for relief.

Subvert the slippery social slope

Too many businesses equate content marketing strategy with social media posts. Don’t get sucked down the slippery social slope, where you forget the world of options. 

Content marketing is more diverse than Facebook. You can create YouTube videos, informative articles, case studies, infographics, webinars, ebooks, courses, white papers, blogs, guides, podcasts, memes, quizzes, digital tools, graphics, and more.

Flesh out your funnel

Great content thrusts your audience towards conversion. There are different goals for content pieces – building your brand, establishing credibility in your field, attracting new organic customers, informing about new products or offers.

Marketers should know where the audience for a piece of content is coming from, and what your goal is. 

Your audience might come from a Google search, your Instagram followers, directory, TikTok for you page, etc. You might send them to a landing page, a lead magnet, a subscription list, or simply build their trust and brand awareness.

There are a thousand ways you can “funnel” your audience towards your goal, but it won’t happen by accident. Content creation should happen in the context of a broader marketing strategy.

We’ve got you covered

You have a story worth telling. 

Story Digital is here to help you etch out a marketing strategy including unique content that will impact your audience and advance your goals.

Elisa Dorman

Elisa Dorman

Elisa Dorman is a writer and researcher with experience on the client and agency side.