Get GA4 or waste marketing money driving blind

By Mike McNeaney | 2 min read

Learn more about the upgrade to Google Analytics 4 to better measure your marketing ROI.

In digital marketing, Google Analytics is like the dashboard on your car. Without Google Analytics you’re running blind and can get caught wasting a lot of money… fast.

Digital marketing is complicated and involves a lot of moving parts. There are a bunch of tools we use to find new customers for our clients:

·  A high-performance website that delivers your key marketing messages quickly and clearly

·  Online ads designed to show up right when a customer is most likely to be looking for a solution to their problem

·  Other tools like videos, articles, emails, newsletters, organic social posts… it’s a long list

All these tactics make up the marketing engine that drives more prospects through your sales pipeline. Like any engine, you need tools to monitor how it’s running. 

It’s not exactly simple. Take Facebook. When we run ads on Facebook, we can see the size of your audience, how many of those people viewed your ad, and how many people clicked on it. But as soon as a user clicks on your ad they leave Facebook. Facebook can’t accurately track what the user does after they leave their site. 

Google Analytics measures your marketing ROI

That’s where Google Analytics (GA) comes in. GA is the most effective way to measure your marketing return on investment (ROI). Using GA we can measure unique visits to your website, tell how much revenue these customers are producing, and pinpoint exactly who they are and how they got there. It’s where all website data and online marketing activity is compiled so you can know the efficacy of your marketing and see your user demographics. It’s powerful.

The data we receive from Google Analytics about your audience helps us determine who we target when running ads on social media. Sounds great right? Unfortunately, there’s a catch. All of these connected platforms are constantly changing. The connections between GA and Facebook, Twitter, or your email delivery program frequently break. We’re constantly monitoring GA for our clients.

Get ready for GA4

One of the more significant changes we’ve seen is the transition from Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). In July 2023, UA will be discontinued and replaced with GA4. Approximately 14 million companies have yet to make this dreaded switch. It’s not easy to do and involves a lot of troubleshooting. 

If there’s anything we’ve learned in the digital world it’s that new is good… and usually better. New software like GA4 better accommodates the constantly changing digital world. 

If you’re not up to snuff you’ll be left in the dust. So far, we’ve migrated five clients from UA to GA4. We‘re big fans of the new GA4. We plan on transitioning ten more accounts over the next few months.

Let us know if you need help transitioning to GA4 or if you just want to chat about your marketing strategy.

Mike McNeany, Google and Facebook Ad Specialist.

Mike McNeaney

Mike is a data junky. He manages Facebook and Google pay-per-click advertising for Story Digital clients as well managing and interpreting information in Google Data Studio.